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Finding Creative Inspiration: Music in the Now

October 8th, 2010 34 comments

I am most productive with my photography, when I am looking at the world as if it were new to me. This is where my creativity lives. I never lack fresh ideas when I let go of any deadline or pressure, when I stop thinking about where I am, or what anyone else would say and think. I just drift into the current moment.  I am in the Now. It hums. It has rhythm. It becomes a meditation… a playful state. Anything is possible. Nothing is assumed. Later hasn’t arrived. Every thought is about hearing the music of the present moment. Seeing what is around me without the restrictive baggage of old ideas.  What does it really look like? What attracts me? What repulses me? What makes me wonder? What am I reminded of?  What echoes my mood? The details of capturing the image in my camera are a muted background refrain to the catchy tune of what I see in my mind and my imagination.

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