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Evolution of a New Collection

July 30th, 2011 No comments

Wire #8425b

Wall #8806

Paint #8366

Wall #7981

Here are a few images from a collection I am working on. For now, the working title of this collection is called “Alleys” since many of the images are coming from walks down urban alleys and streets.

I am wondering how other artists develop new collections… I don’t seem to be conscious of a change until I am almost through it and on to the next. The first sign of change is boredom with what I am doing. This is very subtle and I often don’t even realize I am bored until I find myself stopped. I wonder what is wrong. I stop work for awhile. I don’t feel like “playing”.I’ve tried pushing through it and the result is boring. I have to accept that it is time to think about something else for awhile.

I truly believe that unless I allow myself to have that down time, the creative spirit within me can’t be restored. Then after the pause — sometimes instantly, sometimes very gradually — I am rejuvenated. Wonder floods back into my soul. I am back in love with what I am doing and seeing. I am operating at a very intuitive level again. Playing, experimenting, breaking my own rules, breaking everybody else’s rules. Wahoo!!!

Slowly I start to see a method to my madness, a pattern or a process or a theme. The process of refining that new direction, and zeroing in on what it IS that fascinates or attracts me, requires me to become more conscious of it. That is where I am right now with my Alleys (and Streets) theme.

It is really interesting now that I think about it… I see a parallel with how I change and how musical styles (or artistic styles) change.  My own artistic efforts follow the same lifecycle as an artistic movement on a much smaller scale.
Artistic Style Lifecycle (music as an example)
  • Bach thinks of a new way of structuring or expressing music. He breaks or bends the existing musical “rules” in a new and liberating way. Others start breaking the same rules and extending the new vision. Then gradually the rate of change slows down a little, those new “rules” and style get codified into the status quo.
  • Mozart comes along. He focuses on taking the now newly established “rules” to their logical conclusion. He continues adding more depth and refinement of those “rules” to the point of taking that vision to its highest realization. And other musicians build success on that style that is a culmination of a set of “rules” or aesthetic sensibilities.
  • Beethoven takes the status quo and warps, bends, and breaks it as Bach did… another rule-breaker composer who ushers in a new movement of musical expression.

Ok, they didn’t explain it exactly that way in music school, but you get my drift.

Anyway, I see a similar (albeit smaller) pattern in my own development of style and collections within my work. And the best part is that I get to be Bach, Beethoven AND Mozart for my own artistic journey!!

I am now standing at the midpoint of a new collection’s development. I can see it shaping up and I will do some more writing and sharing about it to help clarify and refine that new vision. I will also be continuing to add images to it as I distill my interest in this next body of work.

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Space in Photographic Images – Room to Wonder

November 5th, 2010 No comments

I am always looking at the images in my print catalog from different angles and in different groupings. I think doing that helps me to see and clarify what I am working on. Sometimes I know that 3 or 4 images really belong together in some hidden sympathy… but I can’t quite put my finger on what that vibration is. Seeing another artist’s work or hearing about their creative process can trigger an avalanche of associations and connections to my own work. Connections that I knew were there but couldn’t articulate. This helps me to hone in on my own vision. And it gives me a jolt of creative juice.

A few days ago, I received some photos from my friend, Diana Jahns . I had asked her to tell me what she is doing artistically and what she is excited about.  I quickly read her email and browsed her images and was IMMEDIATELY inspired. I love the space in her images. What I call “space” is physical (like the placement of objects in the image) but also something more.  I am attracted to art that has room to breathe. I appreciate images that cause me to be filled with wonder and a sense of the unknowable, a sense of mystery. An image such as this gives me the sense that I have time and space to let my imagination run free.

So today, I looked through some of my images for examples of this kind of spaciousness in my own photography. These ones I’ve posted here give me a sense of peace, lusciousness and mystery. Maybe it is the horizontal lines that give them a sense of stasis and balance.  The dark spaces spark my imagination and invite exploration. I am drawn in. I hope you are too.

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